JS-1 The Northstar: My Life My Hustle

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JS-1″ The NorthStar”, hails from Baltimore, MD. JS-1 is a self-produced artist creating his own lyrics and compositions. He has produced, written, and arranged music since 1997. JS-1 is a hip-hop artist and producer who dabbles in R&B and is expanding into Rock and Alternative Music. JS-1 began his musical roots in Baltimore, refined his craft in Atlanta, and returned to Baltimore to help create VVE. This independent label dropped his first solo album “My Life, My Hustle”. JS-1 describes his album as an introspective to the harsh reality of urban life. The “My Life, My Hustle” album illustrates the artist’s journey in the music industry to his present status and his future aspirations. His urban grammar reminds you of Nelly, but if you have been vibin’ for awhile you will notice that his flavor is a mix of Will Smith and Mobb Deep.

Sign: Aries
Talent: Producer, Writer, Rhyme spitter
Mission: Lockdown Baltimore, Then the world!!!

Discography: The Outfit (1998); Nonpilation (2000); Micheal Warner “Looking For Love”, “God, Life, Music” (2000)Co-writer and Executive Producer

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